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using UserApi = HeathenEngineering.SteamworksIntegration.API.User.Client;
public static class User.Client

What can it do?

The user interface can be used to modify the local user's rich presence data and read data from other users. In large the features and capabilities of the User interface are available through the related data object
User Data
Heathen KB

How To

Get the local user

The simplest way is
var myData = UserData.Me;
You can read this from the API as well
var user = API.User.Client.Id;
you can also get key data about the local user either from the resulting User Data object as read from ID or directly from the interface as shown below
var userLevel = API.User.Client.Level;
var richData = API.User.Client.RichPresence;
var level = API.User.Client.GetGameBadgeLevel(series, foil);

Get and set rich data

Set the rich presence data for an unsecured game server that the user is playing on. This allows friends to be able to view the game info and join your game.
API.User.Client.AdvertiseGame(serverId, ip, port);
API.User.Client.SetRichPresence(key, value);

Duration Control

Heathen engineering is not and will never support this sort of behaviour. If you need it look else where.
The same applies for SetDurationControlOnlineState and anything of similar nature.