uGUI Tools
uGUI UI elements for Steam
uGUI Tools and its documentation are still a WIP (Work In Progress)
Steam uGUI Tools is only available to GitHub Sponsors who have Source access (10 USD level or more).
If you are a sponsor you can install uGUI Tools from the Package Manager by looking under Steamworks Complete's "Samples"


Heathen's Steam uGUI Tools is a collection of UI components that solves for common use cases with regards to game UI and Steam. For example the kit includes Friend Group which loads the local user's friends much like the Steam client's Friend List, our Friend List is a bit more game practicle it lists all friends that match your chossen filter option e.g. Online, Offline, In Game, etc. making it trival to set up your own Friend UI.
The following articles detail each of the available controls and how they are used. Everything in the kit is built with extension and expansion in mind so you can easily create your own controls based on our interfaces.
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