Getting to know Heathen Group and its members

Getting to Know Us

Heathen Group was founded in 2015 as Heathen Engineering Limited by a small team of experienced software engineers and technology consultants. The company’s objective was and is to create and exploit software technologies developing for and supporting both fellow creators and end users such as gamers.
Heathen has a particular focus on game software development and related technologies, though its pedigree is largely in the enterprise software sector. Heathen’s unique blend of experiences and understanding straddles multi-media entertainment and enterprise level business and industry with many years of experience in both worlds.

Our Approach

The approach taken by Heathen is simple: “eat your own dog food”. Heathen creates technologies and tools that it then exploits to create end-user products such as bespoke client software, games, and assets. The Heathen approach creates a feedback loop where in the use of its technologies and tools enrich its end-user products and the use of its products enrich its technologies and tools.

The Group

Heathen as a group is one team with many ambitions, these sections help us keep it all organized and on task!

Hel House

Hel House is the section that deals with Managed Services, that is contracting and consulting services for our clients, managing our partners and functioning as our internal publishing group.
Hel House manages all of our digital store fronts, web sites, social networks, partnerships and provides managed services to our clients as well.

Heathen Engineering

Heathen Engineering is the section that deals with engineering. Heathen Engineering creates, maintains and supports all of Heathen Groups technology assets and provides for the support and maintenance of those resources.

Freki Games

Freki Games is the section of Heathen Group that develops our games.
We have several as of yet unannounced titles, so keep an eye on this one!
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