Heathen Professional Services
Heathen has more than 20 years of experience in technolgoy consulting services for small and enterprise clients covering a wide array of industries from Health to Multimedia Entertainment and technologies from Microsoft Dynamics to the Unity 3D Game Engine. Our staff have worked on projects backed by governments whose budgets are measured in the millions as well as garage projects on an indie (out of pocket) budget.
We have created software and technology for use in critical applications such as the health industry as well as demanding cases such video games and experimental cases like blockchain applications. We have worked at low and high levels in teams of hundreds for companies with thousands of staff and of course in teams of a handful in companies where every member wares many hats.
Heathen's experiences are diverse, deep and broad just like our passion. We have real world experiences we can pull from to better understand you and your project and how we might help you Do More with Heathen!
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