Command Director


Part of the Command System of the UX Foundation and UX Compelete assets
Changes the configured Default State for the Cursor system.



Occurs when a command is found in parsed text and provides a refernce to the found command.
You would add a listener on this event via theUnity inspector as you would for other Unity events or in code such as:
Assuming a handler in the form of
private void HandleEvent(CommandData command)
Then you would register the event such as:
When you no longer need this handler you should remove it for example when the behviour using it is destroyed
void OnDestroy()

Fields and Attributes


public CommandLibrary library;
A reference to the command library to be used


public BoolReference userOnly;
Should this directory handle user only commands



Parses an input string and raises the command found event as required. This is most offten used with UI integrations such as a player console or chat box.
public void ParseInput(string value);


Parses an input string and returns the command data found. This is a more direct solution and doesn't trigger the evtCommandFound. You will need to handle the CommandData your self.
public CommandData ParseCommand(string value);