Consulting & Contracting
Heathen's consulting services


Heathen provides a wide range of service to its clients with decades of experience in software engineering and consulting services. We specialize in Microsoft, Steam and Unity related technologies and have ran project big (multi-million euro) and small (solo indie dev), private and government, across multiple industries.
Heathen was founded by software engineering professionals with experience in enterprise software engineering, technology and business consulting and of course game and game software development. Heathen's unique blend of experiences and focus on software engineering bring a value to your projects you wont find else where.


Enterprise Software Engineering

Heathen's founder has 15+ years working for major Microsoft Gold Partners and major technology groups providing design, development and support of enterprise systems such as CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems as well as bespoke and proprietary systems and integration.
With successful projects delivered to major corporations internationally as well as government agencies the Heathen team is well versed in the application, system and project lifecycle and its nuances across multiple industries and scales of operation.


From Unity version 3 to the first wave of assets on the Unity Asset Store. We have been users and supporters of Unity 3D and its community for around a decade 🤪 . While Unity wasn't our first engine and isn't the only game engine in our toolbox, it is our primary area of focus as a company and our weapon of choice for game and rich multimedia applications.
Heathen is a strong believer that game technology and in particular Unity 3D can deliver significant value not just to the game industry but beyond. We have participated in a few non-game related uses of the engine and are keen to see and contribute to more.
More than just avid users and publishers of fine assets Heathen is also here to support our fellow game developers and asset developers. With multiple open source frameworks and articles meant to help you do more with Unity … and Heathen as well 😉


We develop Heathen's Steamworks; the best way to integrate Steam with your Unity project.
Our community of a 1000+ developers are largely Steam developers and our technology powers dozens of great games on Steam. Heathen invests heavily in the Steam API and in particular the technologies and communities built up around it. From tools, to consulting and development Heathen can help you Do More!


Heathen provides ad hoc (To This) consulting services, meaning our services are tailored to each client and projects needs. We can provide for:
  • Technology consultation and support around Microsoft products and services, Unity products and services and of course Steam integrations and services.
  • Software Engineering, rather you need an extra code monkey of full design and development services this is our bread and butter.
  • Content and Tooling, think bespoke, exclusive Unity Assets; Heathen can create custom tools, UI assets and even some modelling work.


From 0 to Infinity and beyond 🚀
Ad Hoc means we tailor our services to your needs, this means pricing is also tailored.
We have many requests that are serviced at no charge as part of our asset development and support function. We also maintain multiple contracts at or around our standard daily rate.
The best way to get a price is to reach out to us and start a conversation. You can DM Loden | Heathen Engineering on Discord or email us at [email protected]
This depends on your needs, there are cases where your needs align with our asset development so we can treat it as a user request and thus the cost will be minimal or perhaps even none.
On the far other end of that spectrum we also provide full professional services. These are tailored to your needs and can include but are not limited to: exclusivity, IP ownership transfer, service level agreement, maintenance plans, training and on going support, and much more.
Our standard day rate is based at 1000€ a manhour day. This rate may be adjusted depending on your needs and the alignment of your request with Heathen's current efforts.